We just learned about a local game store that hosts a weekly board game night! We didn’t learn about it in time to be able to attend this week, but we are planning to bring Silvergarde with us to attend next week. If you are local, come play with us on Wednesday night, October 9th at 7pm at Phoenix Fire Games!
44 E Fairview Ave, Meridian, Idaho 83642

We are hoping to get a play test with new players who have never seen the game before to find out if they can learn the rules just from reading the book. We’ve always had people ask us questions and we’ve always answered them, but we really need to know if the rule book is easy to understand without our physical presence. We’ve made some edits and I think it should be good, but we are the ones who wrote the rule book, so of course it makes sense to us. We need to know if it makes sense to other people. I hope we can find some people who are willing to take on this challenge and learn to play the game without asking us questions!