Silvergarde is a cooperative role-playing card game where the cards become the game board. Each game plays like a mini-campaign where the group moves as a unit together from location to location, discovering the map as they go. There are 8 characters available to play ranging from Knight to Wizard to Gypsy. There are several different endings possible to create a unique experience each time the game is played. More than 300 cards are included in the box, as well as a full set of polyhedral dice, a movement marker, rule book, and an adventure book, everything you need to play the game except the table! This game design includes a tremendous variety from one game to the next so it’s always a fun new experience.

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The Game Crafter is a “Print on Demand” publishing house that produces professional quality games, one order at a time. When you order Silvergarde Chronicles from The Game Crafter, they will print your copy brand new just for you! This also means it takes a little longer to get it to you. Please allow a couple of weeks for shipping time. They are really good about notifying you when your order has shipped! Thank you for playing!