This is a really big day for us! Today we launched our new board game designed by Rivan Wells that we have been working on since January. Silvergarde Chronicles is now available for sale from the print on demand game website, The Game Crafter. You can see it, and order it, here!

Silvergarde Chronicles is a cooperative, fantasy, role-playing, card game for 1 to 8 players. It has nearly infinite replayability because every game is different. Each game can last from about 45 minutes to two hours, and you can adjust the length of the game by how you set up the map at the start. It is a great introductory game for people who are new to role-playing games, as well as a fun game for veteran role-players who want to get a quick game going at a game night or family gathering. In this release of the game, there is a collectible card that will only be available through the end of 2019. If you want the collectible card, you need to order it now! And yes, this is a different collectible card than the one we give to people who meet us in person and play (or helped us play test) the game with us in person. Thank you for playing!

Special thanks goes out to Rodney Barnes and all the play testers at Game Storm who helped us get this project off the ground. Thanks as well to our friends and relatives and developers from CGDC who helped us with many play tests over the last several months. And finally to Pheonix Fire Games who helped us fine tune the rule book so that everyone’s play experience will be that much better!