That’s right! It is now possible to pre-order Silvergarde so you are among the first people ever to own a professional box of Silvergarde Chronicles! You can order it from The Game Crafter at this link: and it will be shipped directly to your address from the manufacturer. Just in time for CGDC! Thank you to everyone who helped us play-test this game, gave us valuable feedback, and supported us during this intensive 7 month journey from concept to launch. The final revisions are implemented in this first edition of Silvergarde. And as a special treat, we have included a limited time (for 2019 only!) Collectable card in the box! Look for it in the Locations deck when you order!

For those who meet us in person, we have an extra special treat! We have a set of 2 Exclusive limited edition (for 2019 only!) cards that offer a new ending for the game! This one is not available online, you can only get it from us in person. And the first 48 of these cards are from a local printer, so they are extra-rare! Come to CGDC this week July 18-20 to see us at our expo table and get your very own Exclusive card set!

We weren’t able to get a professional box printed in time for CGDC, so we had to pay a local printshop to print the revised cards for us. They do look very sleek and nice, but there is no box, and no printed tokens, just the cards that we are taking to CGDC. So people at CGDC won’t be able to see the full Game Crafter version of the box – indeed we haven’t seen it yet either, thus the reason it is only available as a pre-order right now instead of a direct order. The Game Crafter has a strict rule about the developer approving the printed version before it can be sold to players, so we are awaiting our box to arrive as well. We do have the cards from the local print shop available however, to be able to play some demo games at the conference and we are looking forward to sharing the experience with you!

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we have worked through this process. We’re especially thankful to the LORD for providing this game design to Rivan, and for helping us to complete the creation, testing, and launch of Silvergarde in time for us to be able to show it at CGDC this year. All glory goes to God. We are thankful and excited. See you at the conference!